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Parent Training

Parents are expected to be active participants in their child’s program. They are taught the basic principles and skills necessary to meet their child’s developmental needs.  Parents are coached in understanding their child’s core areas of difficulty.  They are introduced to the use of intervention strategies to promote their child’s cooperation and regulation so that they can learn the skills necessary to promote their development.

Parents are also provided direct, didactic teaching and experiential training with support via supervision to address their parenting skills and needs. With an understanding of their child’s developmental needs, they can become competent at supporting, enjoying and challenging their child. A Parent Skills Inventory has been developed to ensure they are able to meet the parenting objectives in order to further their child’s developmental needs.

Parents are provided with the following:

  • consistent training and consultation to identify their goals and objectives
  • identification of developmental issues that impact their ability to work with their child (self-help issues, safety, social deficits, behavior, scheduling, etc.)
  • coping skills to deal with everyday frustrations with the child’s developmental needs, family and external stressors