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We are currently hiring for the following position:



  • Minimum of one-year experience working with autistic children & their parents.
  • Is able to work collaboratively within a team when implementing treatment programs.
  • A minimum of a Bachelors degree in Psychology/Education or related field.

Our Ideal Candidate

  • Has feelings for and interacts naturally in building rapport with children.
  • Is able to set limits and use consequences as needed.
  • Is able to understand and manage emotional dysregulation, sensory-related issues, and difficult behaviors, and can discuss cases and children in which they have been involved.
  • Is able to collaborate effectively with parents, teachers, and the case supervisor and has strong communication skills.
  • Is experienced implementing intervention strategies and familiar with behavior support plans.
  • Can discuss strategies they have used in the field.
  • Is open to and accepting of feedback and ongoing supervision.

Minimum of 10 hours per week, maximum of 40 hours per week.

Please fax your resume to: (818) 386-1182 or email to HR@vhap.org.